Dan Bilzerian’s IGNITE Becomes An Unexpected Coronavirus Relief Leader

May 21, 2020 1 min read

Although more recognized for his lavish lifestyle and eccentric bad boy antics, Dan Bilzerian has emerged as one of the most effective business leaders in driving coronavirus relief. 

Through his global lifestyle company Ignite InternationalBilzerian has responded to the pandemic in deft, agile fashion by expanding efforts to provide healthy, stress-relieving products to global markets with both ease and celerity. 

At the forefront of his COVID-19 relief efforts have been IGNITE's premium CBD and Hemp line expansions. At the onset of the crisis, Bilzerian and IGNITE's Marketing Director Erin Drummond drastically expanded and evolved their CBD and Hemp lines to include an unprecedented range of new CBD, Hemp and apparel products, also adding a full line of personal protective equipment, including IGNITE branded gloves, masks, hand sanitizers and more. To learn about this new line of IGNITE products, visit buyignite.co. 

And to compound the relief driven, IGNITE gave back a substantial amount of their personal protectant gear and PH balanced Alkaline water directly to health organizations on the front line in the defense against CBD, including LA Sherriffs department, the West Hollywood Fire Department and the LA Mission.  To date, IGNITE has donated more than $25,000 worth of supplies to combat the COVID-19 impacts on local Los Angeles organizations.