June 06, 2019 2 min read

Ignite International, Ltd. has announced that the company has signed a deal with professional Mixed Martial Artist, Brian Ortega. Born and raised in the Harbor Area of Southern California, Brian has been fighting since he was 5 years old. He became a fan-favorite early in his career and quickly rose through the rankings, now poised as the #2 Ranked Featherweight in the world and ready to move upward.


Now Brian is determined to add another winning combination to his professional career: a combination that consists of himself and Ignite. It makes sense. The same way that Ortega dominates in the octagon, Ignite dominates in the world of CBD. They offer a consistency and brand recognizability that is completely unparalleled in the industry, with products ranging from infused CBD oils, to their high tech rechargeable vape collaboration, to their latest offering: CBD toothpicks. Whatever it is, Ignite aims to better the competition by a mile and deliver on that promise every time you open their packaging.

A brand as ambitious and personality-driven as Ignite can't afford to slack when it comes to bringing people on board, so they seek out partners that match their energy. Ignite's VP of Marketing, Erick Kozin put it this way: "When looking for athletes to be a part of Ignite, it goes beyond wins and losses, it's about partnering with the right people and personalities to represent our brand. With Brian, we not only got a winner, but someone who fits in perfectly with the culture and vibe of Ignite."

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For his part, Ortega is excited to partner with Ignite CBD, as he's a firm believer in the science and the products that contribute the healing and recovery he needs during his rigorous training and competition schedule. "I've been using CBD as a part of my training for some time," says Ortega, "I consider Ignite the best brand in the game right now, so of course I jumped at the chance to join the team!"

This latest addition to the Ignite team is just another step up on the brand's steady expansion across the market. With Ortega leading the charge, it's only a matter of time before droves of athletes begin realizing how much CBD products can contribute to their recovery and performance. And for those who are already aware, Brian's partnership is just a testament to who the best brand in the business is, no questions asked.

Terms of the deal were not announced; however Ortega's representation at Upgrade Marketing Group is very proud of the partnership, with CEO Julian Gregorio stating that he is "honored to align with a CBD brand that is an industry leader and is excited to have Brian Ortega as the MMA face of Ignite for the future!" UpgradeMG is a full-service sports agency dedicated to Mixed Martial Arts, offering management services, marketing, sponsor consulting, and athlete representation.