July 07, 2020

Have you noticed the trend of CBD within skincare? It’s hard to miss, since it’s seemingly everywhere. However, there are some serious benefits for your skin with CBD-infused products. Read more to learn how it will raise your skincare game.  

Since the legalization of marijuana, CBD-infused products are gaining popularity in the beauty industry. According to Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, a board-certified dermatologist, consultant, and speaker on holistic skincare and CBD, topical cannabinoids are found to be beneficial for acne, rashes, and psoriasis.  

Don’t wait to fully immerse yourself in our cocoon of CBD and essential oils. Our Bath Bombs are ideal for full body CBD submersion and topical application. We’re also happy to present our newest skincare products sold in the UK such as Hydrating Face SerumBody Oil, and Day Cream, just to name a few. You’ll enjoy a healthy glow, younger looking skin and the best part, fewer breakouts.  

Now for the most important piece to the CBD skincare puzzle: How can you tell what is BS and what is quality? We’ve got you covered!  
So head over to our website to find our CBD Drops that can be combined into moisturizers or intensive repair creams. The process is simple and will take your skin routine to the next level: 
1. Measure out your IGNITE CBD Oil Drops to your desired dosage 

  1. Add theIGNITE Oil Drops to your preferred skincare lotion or cream 
    3. Mix the lotion or cream until all of the CBD oil and fragrance is evenly dispersed 
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